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The Best Remote Gesture Controlled RC Stunt Car Toy For Kids

What's up everybody in the ratio welcoming you back into another blog, but today I have got my hands on this gesture sensing stunt car. Well, not only the name. The functionality of this stunt car is awesome as well.

I've. Seen a couple of videos over the internet, I said I wanted to have this car for my son, so I said why not share with the fellow readers of my blog, as you can tell by the packaging this stunt car is for age six And plus so here we have some of the cool features which are offered by this iStent car, starting with the music cool lighting Traverse 2.

4 gigahertz remote control, Bionic joint magnums wheels durable battery life come with the 7.4 world 1200 million pair hour, which will last you About 35 minutes as per specification, but that is too ambitious I would go with the 30 minutes is enough for me to enjoy this alright next one is a 360-degree rotation at one location.

So it will make their decision very easier. That is this thing for them, or not to start with, we're, going to have a look into what comes with this stunt car, following with the demonstration and by the end of it, without my conclusion.

Even you will have an idea: is this car for your loved ones or not? So let's. Go ahead with the unboxing.

Packaging includes one user manual, which is completely in the Chinese language. So technically you're gonna watch.

Two USB chargers, one for the battery of your car, another one for the gesture control one standard 2.4 gigahertz remote control, which takes two double-a batteries and they are not included.

4. 1300 million. Impair our lithium-ion battery now, in last but not least, our a stunt car we're on the top of it. You & # 39, ve got a speaker and the lighting all around it, and this system car is also four-wheel-drive, and the wheels are fantastic and in new ones as well, which can do quite a lot now under the base of the car.

You have a compartment where you going to install your batteries now. If we closely look into the wheels they are magnum wheels, which means it can do the Traverse action from standing position, which makes it very unique and world style nothing.

Now, from the build quality point of view, it looks all fantastic, to be honest with you, you can see it all yourself. It all looks very durable inbuilt now when you charge the wristband controller with the respective USB charging adapter, you're, going to see the solid blue light on it.

Wireless charging and the light go off once the charging is completed and with car battery while charging you're, going to see a flashing green light on it once completely charged Toby solid, green light.

Installing the batteries in the remote control, which only requires two double-a batteries, is very easy and straightforward, the only thing you need is a screwdriver. Now the same thing also applies to the car battery as well.

Once it's fully charged, you need to open up this compartment using the Philips screwdriver and connect and install your battery right in this compartment and secure it by using this screwdriver. Now, just before going ahead with the demonstration, let's, have a quick look and explain that how remote controls are working now on the car itself, you have on and off button flick it to the one you're, going to hear Immobilizer sound that car is ready and all LED lights on the top will be illuminating as well, which are indicating that that is the front of the car, and we have two remote controls for this car.

One is a hand gesture another one. Is this a standard one? Now let's, have a look into the standard feature which is like forward and reverse turning around and the dancing button is also there as well and the Bionic.

Now let's turn it on. It also comes with the annoying sound as well, which I don't like to be honest with you, but that's. What it is now forward and reverse now sideways there's a bionic feature now the dance Music.

You can also turn off that annoying music on the car by pressing hold on this dancing button for a little longer and that's it now, just before we had a car on the decking, which was pretty slippery, let's.

Have a look into the grass now yo whoa it's, not that bad operation now the working of hand, gesture remote control, which is very easy and straightforward. As far as I think. First of all, you need to make sure when you power this hand, gesture remote control your hand has to be straight in line now.

You need to turn on the car now the remote control. You heard that now guys now see that now the functionality of this finger button now it's time for a real demonstration.

You can tell him to stand up. I'll, sit down it just works great, go forward, go backward, or whatever I've said just. Did you just work great? You can turn around by pressing this. It just all works now.

Here I am on a conclusion. This RC stunt car with the dancing lighting and hand gesture feature is fantastic and if you're thinking of buying this one for your loved one over this Christmas or even as a birthday gift, it's.

A fantastic idea. To be honest with you, I've got at least about thirty minutes of playtime out of it, and it still got a little bit about two left in there. I can still enjoy it if I want to wheels really get dirty and they are rough and tough as well.

You can't, use it much on the slippery surface, but running on terrain like grass or no, not a slippery decking, the one. I have actually didn't work very well on the grass who works perfectly.

To be honest with you on the carpet is awesome as well hand. The gesture controller is a bit flimsy, but you got to do a bit of practice on it. Obviously the practice will make you perfect, alright, other than that everything is fantastic.

I would highly recommend this one if you're looking for one fantastic gift for your loved one, that would be all from my side.

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