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[NEW] Car Baloon Launcher Toy

[NEW] Car Baloon Launcher Toy.

[NEW] Car Baloon Launcher Toy

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Who knew a simple balloon car could be this fun?! Car Baloon Launcher Toy brings fun and enjoyment in education and entertainment to any kid at home.



Science is a process and educational toys help kids explore the “what ifs” that they’ll encounter not only in childhood while they’re learning but also as they grow up. Whether they’re destined to be a scientist, writer, lawyer or social worker, learning to probe into the “what ifs” from an early age will serve them well in life or career.



That’s why we created our Car Baloon Launcher Toy to nourish the ability of your kids while playing using aerodynamic principles to push the car forward and blow up the balloon. A great DIY toy for kids to learn some science and physics knowledge when they’re having fun with this race car.



Super easy to use in two steps. Simply pump the balloon with air, press the button and watch the car take off. Accelerating at speeds like never before. This toy has no pointy edges nor small parts that can endanger your kids. It’s safe and fun to play with, perfect for small children.



Not only loads of fun but also educational as well. Helps improve their brain functions and keeps them entertained all-in-one. Car Baloon Launcher Toy offers everything you want from a toy. Safety, fun, and simplicity., making this the right toy for your kids.




Completely Safe – The smooth material and big parts will ensure your kids will never get hurt while playing.

Loads of Fun – For any kids to enjoy for hours upon hours without boredom creeping in. Keeping them occupied and keeping your kids from complaining.



Easy to Play – Every kid can learn the simple steps of playing with Car Baloon Launcher Toy. Perfect for kids of all ages and learning backgrounds to enjoy the fun and educational value which this toy offers.


  • 1 x Air Pump Box
  • 2 x Cars
  • 12 x Balloons
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