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The Best Face Spa Steamer

The Best Face Spa Steamer.

The Best Face Spa Steamer

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Want to maintain that youthful glow and restore the natural, smooth, glowing skin?



Facial Spa Steamer uses steam to open up the pores, helping to remove impurities and deeply cleanse the skin.



A visit to the spa can be time-consuming and pricey. Why not experience deep pore cleansing at home using the Facial Steamer? It can be used on normal, oily, dry, and even sensitive skin types. It makes your skin look tender, younger, and healthier.



Includes separate inhaler attachment to provide almost instant relief from blocked sinuses etc. Essential oils can be added to the container for soothing relief.



Operating with a built-in electric heating element on the bottom of the unit and adjustable control to manage the amount of steam.

Enjoy the luxury of a spa treatment at home, even on a tight schedule. With its stylish compact design, this steamer will fit nicely into any interior.




  • SKIN DRY TREATMENT – keep moisture balance of the skin, reduce wrinkles and make dry skin moister and more elastic.
  • SKIN HYDRATION TREATMENT – enhance skin hydration effect. Good for all types of skin including sensitive skins.
  • USE FOR WARM STEAM FACIAL SAUNA – deep cleansing and clean facial pores.
  • Provides a spa treatment that leaves skin soft and silky smooth.
  • Clean hair follicles and discharge the grease, dust, etc. of pores, and also can kill the acne effectively and prevent acne. 
  • The facial steamer will maximize the impact of your favorite eye creams, face creams and moisturizers.


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