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Weather Predicting Storm Glass

Weather Predicting Storm Glass.

Weather Predicting Storm Glass

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This invention was developed in the mid-1700s and soon became a vital tool aboard ships and harbors around Europe to offer predictions on approaching inclement weather. It gained notable fame due to Admiral Fitz Roy, who utilized a Weather Predicting Storm Glass on his voyage with Darwin when they traveled together to the Galapagos Islands.



The general principle behind the mechanics of this device is, when the left side of the storm glass rises higher than the right side, it’s an indicator of sunny weather. When the left side goes lower than the right side, it indicates a rainy day. The Weather Predicting Storm Glass is actually quite fascinating to watch and is a wonderfully unique item to display at home or at the office!




BE BLOWN AWAY: Watch in amazement as the crystals transform from clear to cloudy. The crystals within the Storm Glass move according to weather conditions, so you can enjoy the different forms of crystals throughout the different weather seasons. The change in temperature in your surroundings is the most important factor for crystal growth.



UNIQUE GIFT IDEA: Ever found yourself not knowing what to buy someone? Well, this an excellent option to consider. Why? Because the Weather Predicting Storm Glass is a great gift for all ages, genders, and occasions including birthdays, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, etc.



STUNNING DECORATION PIECE: The Weather Predicting Storm Glass is truly beautiful. Each one is handmade and is a perfect décor piece for any home, outdoor balcony, bedroom, or office. With the wooden base included you have the freedom to place it anywhere you wish!



EXCELLENT CONVERSATION STARTER: Your friends, family, colleagues and guests will be so intrigued when they see the stylish Weather Predicting Storm Glass for the first time that they won’t be able to resist asking you what it is. Each set includes instructions and a brief history of Admiral Fitzroy Storm Glass so you can tell them all about it.


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